jeudi 15 juin 2017

The day I became an artist

There is a specific day when it happened, but the journey to get there took slightly over six decades.

I was born with impatience in my arms and as far as I remember, I always drew, tinkered, created. Seeing objects that did not exist a few minutes ago coming out of my hands always impressed and nurtured me. When too bored on the school benches I endlessly drew doodles in the margins of my notebooks to escape. My best sense has always been the imagination.

But then there was life. Do I need to talk about frames and formats that hinder creativity? Those who were already there in the bloodline, in society, those I imposed on myself. The ups and downs of life, marriage, divorce, struggle for material survival; and also the happiness that takes up the whole place: the children. It is easy to put creativity in the background as being unimportant, not serious, "it's only a hobby."

Yet, it was strong in me. Twice in my life, I created a pottery workshop in order to make a living out of my art but this time had not yet come. I suppose I had to experience more, understand more things, better open my mind and my soul.

For example, understand that beauty is a sense and affects the living. Understand this in order to dig deeper the piece of soul to express so that it can radiate with all its splendor. Plato said: “Beauty is the splendor of truth”. To create beauty one needs to be sincere and to be sincere one must know oneself and not shelter.

So I went looking for myself and every day of the last few decades I discovered myself a little more and a little better. The complete encountering happened on Saturday, June 12, 2017 when my artworks and the public present that day clearly reflected me who I am. I am a "heartist".

I also met my art that day and I could see that my mandalas convey a particular energy. I must confess that the next day found me in tears, overwhelmed by this epiphany.

So this is the first day of my life as an artist, I cannot and do not want to hide anymore and it's time to decide in which direction I want to go. Like Julien Clerc, I want to be useful to live and create (beautiful french song).

Create beautiful pieces to embellish the environment, create meaningful pieces to make sense, create useful pieces to help change the world, why not?

For example, wouldn’t this nasty airport waiting room feel much better like this?

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